Tess’ Elvis

I have to admit, I am not at all an adventure-seeking eater.  But I am willing to try most foods at least once.  And while a lot of people are banana-lovers, I am not one of them, unless we are talking of the fried banana (saba) or turon.

But I tried a concoction of Tess recently… her version of the Elvis.  The Elvis is a grilled sandwich composed of toast, peanut butter, sliced or mashed bananas and bacon.  But Tess’s version is with ham instead of bacon.

Sylvia and I were skeptical at first – toast, peanut butter, bananas and ham?  Initially we found the combination unusual…

00_ibs n elvis

But one bite and we were bowled over!

We wanted more!  This version has the ham in the middle of the peanut butter and banana slices…

00_Tess elvis

Love, love, love it!



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