“The Baked Brownie”

Yes, that is the title of the recipe in Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito’s book “Baked:  New Frontiers in Baking”.  I’d been reading a lot about their brownies and how it is THE brownie even connoisseurs like.

The recipe had been on my list for a while but for some reason or another, it was only today that I finally decided to try it once and for all!

Ok, obviously I did not follow the recipe to the letter, but my deviation is only as to form and not substance.


I used a silicone “fairy cake” pan (shallow round cavities) to make brownie rounds.

And I added some peanut butter chips to some of the rounds (because I looove peanut butter…)


I discovered something else, too!  The brownie rounds were absolutely heavenly straight out of the freezer!

How did I find this out?  Well, I tried to get the brownie rounds out of the silicone pan after they cooled.  But it was tough to get out (even if the pan was made of silicone, hence non-stick), and bits of brownie were sticking!  So I thought of freezing the pans a while; after that the brownie rounds popped right out.  And because I couldn’t wait, I ate one.  And realized that the frozen brownies were just fantastic!

(so now they are stored in the freezer.)

The recipe is all over the internet (I have the book, though!) and there’s even a spicy version of it (will try that one next time, because hubby loves spicy foods).



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