KFC Original Recipe?

When I was a child, my mother made her own version of the KFC chicken.  I’m sure it was not the real thing, but it was close enough for us.  I eventually found her recipe but it had nowhere near 11 spices!  Even so, I have to admit, I would like to know the secret recipe!  Well then, after all this time, it appears that the secret is out!

According to the Chicago Tribune, the “original” recipe, that closely guarded recipe of KFC, has been unearthed!  A nephew of Col. Sanders, Joe Ledington, claims the original recipe is handwritten in a scrapbook belonging to his late Aunt Claudia (Sanders’ second wife), and that as a child, he worked in Sanders’ cafe.  He alleges that the recipe is authentic, having prepared it as a young lad.  But, he does disclaim the handwriting of the note, saying that it is not that of his aunt.

A snapshot is reproduced in the article and is as follows, with “Ts” representing tablespoons, according to trials conducted by the Chicago Tribune.

11 Spices – Mix With 2 Cups White Fl.

1) 2/3 Ts Salt
2) 1/2 Ts Thyme
3) 1/2 Ts Basil
4) 1/3 Ts Origino (as written)
5) 1 Ts Celery Salt
6) 1 Ts Black Pepper
7) 1 Ts Dried Mustard
8) 4 Ts Paprika
9) 2 Ts Garlic Salt
10) 1 Ts Ground Ginger
11) 3 Ts White Pepper

The procedure was not outlined, but it can be safely assumed that the chicken is dipped in egg (a standard in foods with breading) then in the flour mixture, before deep frying, or pressure-fried.

In the trial that Chicago Tribune made, the chicken was dipped in a buttermilk-egg mix then dipped in the flour-spice mixture, then pressure fried (Ledington says that “It was individually hand-breaded and dropped in those pressure cookers. You cooked it until it started turning brown. And then you put the lid on the pressure cooker and brought it to 12 pounds of pressure for 10 minutes. And then you started letting the pressure off, and when you uncapped it and the pressure was off, it was perfect: golden brown and fall-off-the-bone.”).  An “accidental” sprinkling of Accent (an msg-based flavoring) made the recipe indistinguishable, they say, from the chicken bought from a KFC store.

So, I am off to the market to buy chicken and spices.  As for my planned cooking method, I think I will use the process my mother used since I don’t have a pressure fryer (and have no intentions of buying one!)

Let’s see what I come up with…



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