Boozy Food for the Gods

I grew up looking forward to eating Food for the Gods at Christmastime.  As far as I was concerned, it was tradition.  I hadn’t realized that it was only in my part of the world that it was called that.  Apparently, in most of the world, these bars are called… Date-Walnut Bars.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried many recipes.  Some were too sweet, others were too dry.  Still others were too soft.  I always go back to the family traditional recipe… which is a family secret.

In any case, I still had to try improving the original.  So, taking a leaf from friend T’s book, I added booze!  My favorite rum, that is!


Result??? Astounding success!

(pic shows the bars in a box [bottom], and wrapped bars in a treat bag [upper left].  the other treat bag contains wrapped Fruitcake Round Bites [upper right].)


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