Happy Birthday Hubby!

It is tough when a person’s birthday falls on a work day. Celebrating gets a bit tricky. Trying to squeeze in a surprise cake? Nearly impossible with an excited kid threatening to reveal the secret!

Anyway, hubby almost always challenges me with his birthday requests. This year, hubby requested dulce de leche! And, I aim to please… and more…

The cake almost did not make it on time. I had to wait for hubby to go to his meeting, and even then, I only had a window of about two and a half hours! Talk about photo finish!

Then we had the problem of where to hide it so he wouldn’t see it… but that became moot when the kid virtually led him to it. Oh well… it was about an hour to midnight, so might as well!

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Whoever said “I know there are good men because I married one” echoes my sentiments!


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