No-Knead Bread

Like I said before, I stayed away from bread-making because it was my mother’s turf.  But she hasn’t baked in years, and has, in fact, given me virtually all her baking equipment, including her loaf pans and bread rack…

So I started baking bread.  And although I did not bake everyday or even every week, I had fun kneading (I liked knowing by how it felt when it was done) and quite disliked doing it by mixer.  That was, until my RSS struck back with a vengeance.

My last major attack was in my twenties… a good 20 years ago!  But I suppose age has a way of digging its heels in and as minor attacks got more frequent, I baked bread less because I could no longer knead by hand very well.

Enter a new discovery.  Well actually, it appears I already had the book (thanks K!) but did not read it for a couple of years.  Then one day, friend T casually mentioned that she’d been making fabulous bread without kneading (and actually passed the standards of her German husband!)  And, I actually got a taste of it some days ago when I dropped by her apartment for a visit!

Well, then, as soon as I got home I got out my copy of of The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François and had a field day in the kitchen!

The recipe can be found here.

Short video:

Yay!!!  I can bake bread again!  No pain too!









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