Artisan Bread, for my Kid Brother

So, my mother and brother dropped by the other day and they saw my freshly baked bread rolls.  My mother, in particular was quite intrigued.  She was a quite the bread baker when she was younger – she loved kneading!!!

But age has an unfunny way of rearranging life.  Her kids grew up, moved away and now that there’s only 2 of them in the house, plus her increasing age, she decided to be practical…

Anyway, she was intrigued at how bread could be made without kneading.  So I told her about it.  She got really excited.  Apparently, she is still interested in making bread but felt that she could no longer knead so she pushed her interest aside.  But now that there was a way…

Let’s just say she ordered me to find an oven for her – a small one like mine but perhaps one size bigger… then she told me to buy her all the equipment and ingredients, as well as a copy of the book!  Well, I told her I could scout for everything else but she’d have to get my brother to find her the book!

As for my brother, he asked me to teach him how (the recipe is easy since it’s from the book but he wanted a demo!).  Problem is we live far away from each other so here’s the next best thing –


From the top, left to right –

1. proofing the yeast – I use instant yeast but I still let it “bloom” because I once had an experience where my newly purchased yeast turned out to be a bad batch! Since then I’ve been careful and taken the extra 10 minutes to make sure the yeast is still active.

2. Combine the dry ingredients together.  I use half the recipe because the full recipe won’t fit in my fridge, and a 3-liter microwave bowl because it has a built-in vent!

3. Combine the dry ingredients, the proofed yeast and wet ingredients.  Mix well.

4. Set the covered bowl in a warm area and let it rest for 2 hours.  At the start, the dough is just sitting at the bottom.

5. After 1 hour, the dough is more than halfway up.

6. At almost 2 hours, the dough is near the top!  When the dough flattens at the top, shove the plastic bowl in the fridge for at least 12 to 24 hours.

7. The night before I plan to bake the rolls for breakfast, I take a third or half of the dough out, form it into a ball and let it rest for about 5 minutes.

8. Then, I divide the dough into 8 portions (for one third of the dough) or 15 portions (for half the dough) and form them into balls and place them in a well greased baking pan.  Then I let it rise for about an hour, after which it goes back to the fridge, lightly covered with cling wrap.

The next day, I preheat my little electric oven.  It takes about 10 minutes and then I just put the pan in and let it bake for about 20 minutes!  Violá!  Breakfast rolls in 30 minutes!  (If a browned crust is desired, brush with egg wash before baking.)

Alternatively, if I’m feeling lazy, I grab a third or half the dough (still the night before) and form it into a ball (boule).  I place it on a well greased baking sheet and let it rise about an hour, after which it goes into the fridge lightly covered with cling wrap.  It bakes in about 25 to 30 minutes!

00_boule-collageFresh bread every day!!!







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