XO Prawns and Mushrooms

I always say that the secret to any good XO dish is a good XO Sauce!  There are good ones readily available in the supermarket but the best one I’ve seen is a homemade one that a good friend gave me last Christmas, which is, sadly, down to its last use.

Given that this is the last dish I can make with that special homemade XO sauce, I decided to go all out… with my favorite mushrooms combined with my favorite seafood – shrimp… the largish kind…

And, as with good XO sauces, the best way to highlight their complex flavors is to simply sauté it.  So what I do is heat some oil in a non-stick pan and sauté 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of XO sauce.  Add in 12 large shrimps and stir fry until shrimps are done.  Take them out and arrange decoratively in a serving dish.

In the same pan (with much of the stir fry sauce still present), dump in any combination of mushrooms that you like (in my case I used 100 grams each of fresh shitake, enoki and shimenji mushrooms).  Sauté lightly until heated and cooked through.  Spoon over the shrimps.

Then get your drink of choice (mine is Coke Light), sit down and enjoy!





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