Year of the Fruitcake

For someone who does not like fruitcake, it is THE one thing that I have been baking consistently and regularly this year!

I started early – in August! Testing various recipes, trying to formulate my own, trying different fruit mixes… even re-working my recipe (of last year) that I had already thought was THE fruitcake recipe for me.

This year I ventured into different kinds of fruitcake – a black one, a white one, a boiled one, a dry one… all with one thing in common – RUM!

So, I decided to make one dedicated to RUM!  In fact, the recipe uses a total of 1½ cups of it!

Basically, I used my favorite pound cake recipe and added rum to it.  I added a mix of dried and candied fruit (pre-soaked in more rum) then after baking, I brushed even more rum (!) on the cake!

What did hubby think of this fruity rum cake?  He LOVED it!

Who else loved it?  My mom, that’s who!

(and yes, it is the last one for this year…)



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