Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is nothing but a marketing gimmick.  But I admit to being somewhat of a sucker for it.  Why?  Because it is only on this day that hubby will give me flowers!

This year I got a bouquet with an “I miss you” sign… Uh… I asked him what that was about and he looked puzzled.  He didn’t realize that the sign said “I miss you”!



In any case, we’ve learned the hard way that we should NEVER go out on Valentine’s Day.  Not that we don’t want to celebrate our love on Valentine’s Day, it’s just we do not want an overpriced dinner, and the horrendous traffic we have to go through just to get to that overpriced dinner!

It is more special that we spend it together, even if it is at home.  As for the dinner?  A special one cooked by his loving wife is more than enough!

So for breakfast, he had homemade sunflower-seed whey bread and frittata.  For dinner, a super delicious, albeit spicy, crab laksa with glass noodles.  And for dessert?  a heart shaped brownie to signify love!

Oh, by the way, ever since the little girl came into our lives, hubby (her daddy) also gives her flowers… usually a rose!


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