Trail Mix for Hubby

Personally I am not a fan of trail mix.  I much prefer a snack of simply nuts, or maybe a mixture of nuts, but hubby likes dried fruit and seeds, and maybe just a bit of nuts, especially cashews that good friend H gave us.

I usually make trail mix with as many kinds of dried fruit as I can find, then add sunflower seeds and pine nuts.  If I am eating some, then I add roasted peanuts and cashews, otherwise, it’s toasted cashews and chocolate chips.

The dried fruit in this one – banana chips, raisins, sultanas, dried papaya, dried pineapple, coconut chips, apricots, and prunes.  For the seeds and nuts I used honey-roasted sunflower seeds, toasted pine nuts, roasted cashews and toasted cashews.  I skipped the chocolate chips because I felt like the trail mix was rich enough.

Hubby declared this a winner!



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