Pan Banging Chocolate Chip Cookies

The recipe intrigued me!

So I thought of trying it…

My first attempt was a dismal fail –

The cookies spread so much it stuck together forming 1 weird looking mass.

My second try was better – I “contained” the spreading of the cookies by baking them in a pan with shallow round cavities.  But the cookies were too soft.  I think perhaps I may have underdone the baking slightly.

My next one was even better, but I still baked the cookies in a shallow round mold…

My final one was by far the best one.  But it was waaay tooo tedious.  I don’t have a big oven so technically only 2 large cookies would fit my cookie sheet! It took me the whole afternoon to bake 11 cookies!!!

The recipe can be found on The Vanilla Bean Blog.


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