Sandwich Omelet

(#105 in the limited series: cooking/baking in the time of the coronavirus quarantine)

It is no secret that the kid is a picky eater. But if there is one thing she likes, it is french toast!

This is a variation of that. I can’t take credit for it though, since I got the idea from somewhere on the internet. But I can’t remember exactly where. In any case, good ole Google has quite a collection of videos and websites…

First, beat an extra-large egg or 2, with a pinch of salt and pepper then heat a non-stick frying pan with a little butter.

Pour the egg into the pan and spread the egg around. Place 2 slices of bread side by side on the still uncooked egg, leaving a space in the middle (for folding one side over the other). Place a slice of sandwich cheese (and ham or other deli meat, optional though) on one.

Fold the egg in on the sides of the bread (not necessary but I like the edges neat and tidy) then carefully fold one side (with a slice of bread) over the other side (on top of the cheese and deli meat). Flip the whole sandwich to make sure that all the egg is cooked all around, and the cheesy is slightly melt-y. (I sometimes flatten the sandwich just a teeny bit.)

The sandwich is best enjoyed while it is still hot!

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